• Our A LA BRAVA technically is liquid-fire, put two drops on logs or charcoal and stay back, fire will start suddenly.

Are you Brave enough to try it?

  • To remove the wallpaper of any room, set one A LA BRAVA bottle  with the cap off in the middle of the room and let the fumes start working for 15 minutes. 
  • Dilute two drops of our A LA BRAVA in one gallon of water and you'll have a powerful engine degreaser. 

  • Our utensils to prepare and handle A LA BRAVA, were design and built by NASA. 
  • In summer time swallow one teaspoon of A LA BRAVA to repel Mosquitos, but once they bite you they'll show some cannibalistic instincts.  
  • WARNING.- Our A LA BRAVA will make you curse, sweat and salivate.
  • Forget laxatives and purgatives, our A LA BRAVA is a real colon cleaner.  In Fact, is recommended by The  American Rectal and Shinny Colon Association, if there is such an agency.


  • A LA BRAVA is so hot, it'll make Satan sweat.