"Very good hot sauce--- picked it up at the Hispanic grocery store and used most of it at one sitting, very well done"-- John G. Piedmont Triad, NC.



"The sauce is amazing. It's for sale at lots of places here in NC, definitely my favorite sauce, goes well on any kind of food but my favorite will always be on shrimp, Camarones A La Diabla." -- Christian T. Winston-Salem, NC. 

"I first tried A La Brava at La Tilli and have been addicted ever since. It's by far the best hot sauce I've ever tasted. I especially love the unique flavor of the smoked red jalapeños and creamy texture. I only wish I could buy it in a larger bottle - I go through almost 2 bottles per week! Thanks for sharing your delicious hot sauce with the world!"-- Jennifer R. Winston-Salem, NC

"Hi There! I bought one bottle of your hot sauce about a month ago at the Compare Foods here in Durham. I absolutely loved it, next time I would be sure to buy lots and lots of your hot sauce, and encourage others at the store to do so, as well. :-)" --Josh F. Durham, NC

"Love your A La Brava hot sauce, am addicted and want to know where I can get it in Greensboro. Would also like to buy it in a bottle bigger than the 5 oz. size" -- Dale L. Greensboro, NC.

"I bought your salsa at Compare Foods here in Durham a while back. It was the best I have had since I left the west coast twenty years ago, so I bought two more bottles, but they're gone. This is seriously the best bottled hot sauce I've found in many years.

Thanks, and thanks for making such an excellent sauce." -- John D. Durham, NC.

"Walked in LOWES FOODS in Oak Ridge and tried a sample. Bought a bottle. It's got a good heat and smoky flavor. The heat and flavor stays in your mouth for a while. I have tried it in a bowl of chili and on a steak and cheese sub. Very good hot sauce"-- Clay V. Oak Ridge, NC.  

"Just picked up a bottle of your Hot Sauce at Lowes Foods Reidsville. So glad I did it is awesome. Added it to some home made spaghetti, wow what a difference. Great flavor." --  William M. Reidsville, NC

"Hi, I work for theWinston-Salem Journal Newspaperand recently learned about your hot sauce and would like to write about it"-- Michael Hastings.

"I got a bottle of your hot sauce. It is great. I like the thicker texture."-- Steve S. Hickory, NC

"A La Brava is wonderful stuff that my friend Mike introduced me to. My new favorite Mexican hot sauce! If only Harris-Teeter would stock in the Charlotte stores!" -- Mark W. Charlotte, NC.

"Hi. I live in Greensboro. Can I buy your sauces by the case anywhere in the Triad? My son-in-law, who lives out of state, loves both of your sauces, and he's coming for a visit next week. Thank you"-- Mickey M. Greensboro, NC

"I purchsed your hot sauce at Lowe's in Lewisville last week. New favorite hot sauce!! It is awesome! Thank you!"--G.A. DORN   Lewisville, NC.

Special thanks to Michael Hastings for his article in the Winston-Salem Journal, you can read the article by clicking in this title:

"I have been enjoying your Hot Sauce since I got my 1st bottle over a year ago down at Compare Foods in Winston-Salem. This is -by far- THE BEST hot sauce I have ever tasted. I put it in EVERYTHING!! I was hoping that you would start bottling it in a bigger bottles. I buy AT LEAST 5 bottles every time I visit the store. Also... I have given bottles to all of my friends throughout the state of NC. They ALL love it." -- Mike W. Winston-Salem, NC.

"I live in Atlanta. Can I buy your sauce and pay for you sent it to me? Best Sauce in the world!!!!" -- Andrew H. Atlanta, GA.

"I was at the Harris Teeter on Gate City Blvd in Greensboro when I noticed your Salsa Habanera featured in the local products section. I’m a big fan of habanero sauces and decided to give it a try. Wow! It has that habanero sweetness I love and plenty of heat. I did have to remove the dropper insert though, this stuff needed to be poured on! I love discovering new hot sauces and it’s an added bonus when they’re locally produced. I can’t wait to try your other products."-- Jeremy B.  Greensboro, NC

Are you Brave enough to try it?


"Friends of ours in Winston-Salem gave me a bottle of A La Brava Hot Sauce and it is about used up. We live in Charlotte. Do you have somebody here that sells your excellent sauce?" -- Mark W. Charlotte, NC.

"Really enjoy your Salsa Diabla. Has become household favorite. Keep it up."-- Paul N.

"O. Henry. The Art & Soul of Greensboro. Magazine."

Thank you David Bailey and all of the professional staff in the O. Henry Magazine for your award in the July 2016 issue:


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Because, come on!


"I am the one that just ordered the 6 A La Brava on eBay, from you, I love it and can't live without it, will leave a good review when received from eBay, thanks for making such an awesome product, best hot sauce EVER!!!!!!!!!"-- F. Ellison Sapphire, NC

"I have enjoyed your sauce and would like to write about it for O. Henry magazine."-- David B. Greensboro, NC.

"I just bought a bottle of your Salsa Habanera at Publix in Charlotte and it is the best hot sauce I've ever had. This is definitely my new go-to hot sauce. Thanks so much!"-- Grant B. Charlotte, NC